Happy April!

9 comments | Posted on April 08, 2018

Level Ups: Ayay (2),
Masters: Catherine (demilovato, adele-hello, ashleesimpson-outtamyhead), Emily (brookecandy, carlyraejepsen-callmemaybe, madonna, littlemix-wings), Xtina (arianagrande-sidetoside, brunomars),
Game Updates: All Games
Wishing Well: Catherine: Card of choice with a purple border cause its my favorite color. Please comment!


Hey guys 😍 I hope you are all having a great day! I updated the Melting Pot for April and Karen sent me a TON of upcoming decks that I'll be adding to the site in the coming weeks, but at least 10 new decks will be added to upcoming here shortly.

Sorry this update is brief and boring, been crazy busy with house stuff so I gotta make it quick. Have a great rest of your weekend, I'll see you next time 😊

Bonus Wishes: yasu: release an aoa deck, Mez: I wish for the tdg-nevertoolate deck to be released, Nyla: I wish for the amberxluna-lower deck to be released.

New Decks

You may take a total of 5 cards. No more than 2 per deck.
If you donated the deck, you may take an extra from that deck. Comment with what you take!
Or you can take from the update randomizer

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