Album Covers, Coming Soon!

21 comments | Posted on August 10, 2019

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Hey everyone! Just a quick update to remind you all, unlimited donations month is still going on for the entire month of August! Thank you to everyone that has contributed so far, our deck makers are busy working on them at the moment!

Also, if you remember, I asked you all a few weeks ago for some of your favorite album covers. I promise I have been doing something with that! Hopefully by next update, we will have special decks. Cards can only be earned via leveling, mastering and trading. BUT - decks are only 9 cards and worth 2 each. You can see an example here: I will have about 35 covers at start to release, and still have enough images for another 45 that I will be slowly working on when I have some time. So at the moment, I am not accepting anymore covers, but I will post something in an update and on discord when we are ready for some more 😊 Also, if you have already leveled and mastered decks, don't worry! I will reward you when we are ready to go. I'll post something on discord and send you your random special cards to get you started.

Otherwise, that is about it guys! What do you think of the album covers as special decks? If you comment, take a choice card 😍 I'll see you next week!

New Decks

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