Album Covers - Released!

16 comments | Posted on August 16, 2019

Level Ups: Shawna (2), Mio (4), Catherine (3), Karen (3), Marina (2),
Masters: Haylee (bts, top, jungkook), Karen (backstreetboys), Lyn (backstreetboys, bastille-thingswelostinthefire), Maitland (mcr-theghostofyou), Mio (shinee-lovelikeoxygen, rm), Shawna (5sos-outofmylimit),
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Wishing Well: Xtina: I wish for everyone to take cards spelling out DAYTON, in memory of those who lost their lives to gun violence. This is my hometown. 1 per deck, please comment :)


Hey everyone! Early update this weekend since I'm a bit swamped tomorrow and Sunday.

As you can see by the title, album covers are officially released! Thank you to Christina for making it all possible! She made the template look like a CD cover, how cute! Anywho, as I mentioned last week, the only way to earn these cards are through mastering, leveling up and of course, trading! I know we have had some members already level up and master some decks so I of course will be rewarding you for those. If you could, go on our discord and post in general chat the following: your name in the game, your level, and your masters. I will then reward you there on discord by pinging your name. If you are not a member of the discord and don't wish to be, please shoot me an email with that information and I'll send them your way.

Anywho, that is it for this week guys! I hope you have a wonderful upcoming week and I'll see you next time 😊

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